The founder of Avant-Garde Remodeling (AGR), Steven Fox, had worked for many years as a home improvement salesperson which ultimately lead him to create a unique company to serve as a one-stop shop offering innovative products and the expertise needed to install those products correctly.

These products include such specialty items as Curved Windows, Tilt & Turn Windows, Bi-Fold Doors, Solar Reflective Paint, etc…

As a former Realtor, founder Steven Fox realized that implementing innovative technology is the absolute best way to maximize the impact of any home improvement project.

For clients that are seeking quality products without being needlessly over the top, AGR is the one company that is specifically tailored to meet your exact home improvement needs.

For instance, regarding window projects we can provide Retrofit or New Construction Installations with products such as Sliders, Single-Hung, Sliding Glass Doors, French Doors, etc… offering a variety of different materials such as wood, fiberglass, vinyl and more. These products, though seemingly ordinary, are in actuality Investment Windows rather than Replacement Windows.

Products offered by the majority of companies can only be seen as basic replacement products such as Replacement Windows, while the windows we offer provide an additional value to the entire property and can only be described as Investment Windows.

In addition to the value our products provide, our clients can also look forward to the savings they will enjoy as a result of the improvement in energy efficiency that our products are known for.

We encourage all to explore the extensive portfolio of projects that Steven Fox supervised and managed from conception to completion. For those that appreciate the superior quality and attention to detail, AGR will be more than happy to schedule an appointment to consult directly with Steven Fox and receive a Free Estimate.